About Us

Founded in the 1920’s by Joseph Ciampa, Sr. as a general contractor, the Ciampa Organization today is an experienced developer, builder, owner and manager of residential, industrial and commercial property located in the Borough of Queens.  Headquartered in Flushing, Ciampa is now owned and managed by Joseph Ciampa Sr.’s four sons: Dominick, Joseph Jr., Benjamin and Douglas, as well as third generation members.

The Ciampa Organization’s current holdings, most of which were constructed by Ciampa, are comprised of 1,733 residential units in 20 buildings, 300,000 square feet of new and rehabilitated industrial space, as well as 185,000 square feet of commercial space in two major shopping centers, and various smaller and mixed-use locations throughout Queens.

Ciampa has developed all of the residential property it currently owns, performing all developer functions in-house except for project design.  Consulting architects and engineers are utilized for technical design requirements for each project.  Outside counsel is used for legal matters and professional accountants provide audited annual statements. Through its management division, Ciampa provides around-the-clock property maintenance with its own personnel, utilizing outside contractors where specialized services are required.

Residential holdings consist primarily of mid-rise, brick, and semi-fire proof buildings.  Belshire Manor, located in Bayside is the largest in the portfolio, containing 304 units in a two building complex, complete with a pool and tennis court.

Retail holdings include the Whitepoint Shopping Center and the Tower Square Shopping Center, both constructed by Ciampa in 1989.  In total, these centers contain over 102,000 square feet of retail space and 75,000 square feet of industrial space.  Both shopping centers welcome a wide mix of tenants ranging from the neighborhood merchant to regional and national chain stores.

The Ciampa family has a total of more than 200 years experience in the development and building industry.  In addition to their responsibilities at the Ciampa Organization, each family member is active in a wide range of civic and private organizations.